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— Anthony Arthur, Amazon

"Really promising first installment to the series. You get the sense of how much they are up against. The villans are evil!"



Cryo Knight: Lords of Valeria 
Click Here: USA Kindle
Canada: Paperback

Canada: Kindle 
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UK: Paperback
 AUS, SA, RU & Rest Of World 

#1 in Cyperpunk
#1 in Strategy Gaming 


Disgraced special forces soldier Christian Lawson wakes, bailed from cryo jail by his missing uncle. He is drawn into a situation his military training couldn’t have prepared him for: the game world of Valeria.


There he must find his lost uncle and bring him home. In Valeria, he is a Wanderer, one with the unique power of respawning upon death.


But all is not well in Valeria... Wanderers like Christian are hunted down to be used as powerful pawns by the rulers of that realm.

The Knight Lord Sark rules far and wide with an iron fist. He is expanding his army and has his sights set on a new prize: earth.


Christian must adapt his experience as a special forces soldier for a world filled with magic, stats and riddles. He quickly realizes that should he fail, the fate of earth will be at stake.

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Christian Lawson

Christian Lawson. A disgraced special forces soldier that was forced into cryo jail as a scapegoat of the state. 

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Alexia Chen

Alexia Chen. From Earth she has been trapped in Valeria for two years.

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Sulfur Osgoode

Sulfur is charged to oversee Christian and ALexia's captivity. He hates Wanderers. 

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Knight Lord Sark

He will stop at nothing to destroy Earth.

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