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My Books


Cryo Knight: Lords of Valeria

  • Amazon

#1 Bestseller in Cyber Punk Sci Fi

#1 Bestseller in Stratgy Gaming

Lit RPG. Christian Lawson is a disgraced special forces soldier. He is woken from cryo jail...

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Cataindar: The Discovery

  • DnASqL31_400x400

#1 in Fantasy-Action on Wattpad

Watty Award Winner

Redwall meets Coraline This dark adventure reached 800,000 reads on Wattpad and won a Watty award.


Mother's Hand

  • DnASqL31_400x400

Altered Carbon meets 1984.

My current work in progress. 

Learn more about Mother's Hand here.

My Books

Phenomenal!!!! What a fun and amazing ride! Love the characters, the plot, the world and just all around loved it! Just great! And thank you for not crushing my soul into a million pieces and killing Finn. My heart and soul thanks you!



My Story

Friends welcome!
I was born and raised in London, UK and currently call Toronto, Canada home. I wrote my first novel Cataindar and posted it chapter by chapter onto Wattpad. 

Cataindar won a Watty award and hit #1 in it's category and stayed there for a month gathering 750,000 reads.

I am currently writing my next novel, Mother's Hand which is a dark sci-fi thriller. To research Mother's Hand I fought in a cage-fight, jumped out of a plane and learnt to hold my breath for three and a half minutes.

My next novel out is a Lit RPG novel called Cryo Knight -Lords of Valeria. It will be available in Spring 2020 on Amazon.

You can read the rest of my stories on Wattpad here.  


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